Comparison: rural and urban life

Kurzer Vergleich zwischen urbanem und ländlichen Leben.

In the following task im going to compare the urban life and the rural life. Both types of living have their advantages and disadvantges, which i wanna confront.

The first point ist that the rural life is a much slower way of life in contrast to the city life, where youre always in a hurry for example if you need to get your bus. The rural life is less stressfull and for some people maybe pleasenter, because its a more happy way of life for them to not be stressed all day long. On the other hand the urban life offers you a lot more amenities spread over the whole city. There are cinemas, theatres, stores, which are open 24/7, restaurants, sights and much more to see, so you can do what you want no matter what time of the day it is. A big advantage of the rural life is that there is almost no air pollution because theres normally no big business or cars causing a traffic jam. To handle the problem of blocked streets and traffic jam during the rush hour, theres a highly clocked public transportation system in big citys to get you around fast even if you dont have a car. Because there a better prospects in the city, many young people leave their home and move to a big city, where they can study and get a demanding job, but the problem is, that the students often cant pay the local rent for an apartment in the city centre, so they need to travel around a lot. In contrast to that the rents for houses in the countryside are much more affordable. As you can see its a difficult decision which way of living is the better one. I think everybody must decide themselves where they wanna live.. nowadays the most people are living in the big and loud city and if theyre older, they move to to the silent and relaxed countryside.