The greenhouse effect


In the chart the so-called „Greenhouse Effect“ is shown. This effect describes a naturally occuring proccess which maintains favorable living conditions on the Earth for animals, plants and inhabitants. The sun shown in the upper left corner emits solar radiation in form of visible sunlight and a smaller portion as ultraviolet energy. Small atoms floating around in the atmosphere reflect some of this incoming sunlight back out to space and adsorbates the harmful UV-lights so they won’t  be able to reach the earth’s surface. The sunlight which is lead through by the atomsphere acts to warm the surface so in conclusion its an essential function for our ordinary life. The crux of the matter is that this sunlight is then emitted in a different form so it can’t pass the atmosphere because of too much carbon-dioxide and hence is trapped inside our atmosphere. If there is more and more CO2, the earth will become hotter and hotter because the gases impede the reflection of the sunlight back into the universe. To sum it up the Greenhouse Effect is a critical function of our atmosphere which keeps the earth warm enough to sustain life but sadly the human race ist on the best way to lead this complex and fascinating process to a life-threatening imbalance.