Speech – Beverage Service

Good morning everyone,

It is my great pleasure to be able to welcome so many students and teachers – interested in a healthier and better school life. Thanks for coming!

Every single one of us knows the exasperating problem, that water in our school canteen is almost as expensive as the wide choice of sticky sugared lemonade products like Coca Cola.

Health care is an issue that affects every single of of us! It is not acceptable that nearly every student here on the campus just walks around with his lemonade damaging his own physical health!

Shall this be the situation of a modern school?

Do you know how soda pop influences our diligent pupils in their development process? According to a study 4 out of 10 students are concentrating less on their tasks after drinking a full bottle of soda. I’m asking you: Isn’t this fact alarmingly enough to end the pricing policy of drinks in our house and to sell water at the lowest possible price?

The old narrow-minded politicians don’t care about our school, so lets act on our own! Let’s drop our school canteen! Let’s set up a beverage service managed by responsible students, we can do that together!

Let’s fight for a healthier future!

Let’s start at 8 o’clock tomorrow morning with a demonstration on the schoolyard!

The time is NOW! Not next week, not next semester, NOW!